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Canada’s natural beauty draws tourism all year round, it is unparalleled by the vast forests and awe-inspiring mountains of Beautiful, Supernatural British Columbia. In the heart of the province, nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Coastal Mountains, exists a very special area known as the Cariboo Country. This region, formed thousands of years ago by gigantic glacial movement, is rich in history. The variety of the landscapes in the Cariboo area are many; dense forest, fresh water, high terrain, and deserts. This is the ultimate destination for eco-tourism.

Canim Lake is located south-west of Wells Grey Park. It is a large, 24-mile long lake surrounded by mountains and rolling hills. It is a perfect natural sanctuary for peace and prosperity. Beyond the borders, numerous trails invite you to hike, bike, ride, cross country ski, snowmobile and more. The lake draws fishing fanatics all year round, and an abundance of wildlife attracts bird watchers, hunters and photography enthusiasts alike.

Canim Lake Resort is ground zero for your choose-your-own adventure, be it relaxing lake side or hitting the trails. Let us be your guide!

Canim Lake Resort acknowledges that it operates on the unceded, traditional territory of the Secwepemc7ulecw People; we offer our gratitude for the honour of working and living on this land.



Our Story

The history of Canim Lake Resort is as rich as the land it resides on.

Canim Lake Resort was established in 1930, by David Newall. Originally it was a hunting and fishing camp, created as a home base to access some of the best food resources in the province. The Newall version of Canim Lake Resort was not the comforting vision that stands today.

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Newell’s lodge was lost to a fire, but the memories live on in photographs. While uncovering these historical documents, rumours surfaced that this was a vacationing spot for the late President Hoover, which is why an area ( Hoover Bay) has been named after him.

The office and main house is a architectural beauty with rustic charm, and was added on by a woodworking teacher who built it himself.

The resort was purchased by husband and wife team in 1990, where it began the journey to become what you recognize today.

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The Lodge, the heart of the resort, was build in 1993.


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