Not easy for a old guy!

Everything takes a long time to figure out! Little by little it is slowly looking like some kind of website. My attention span is not like the old days ( on my first website I sometimes almost worked around the clock ) and after an hour or so I need a creative break – coffee always helps!

If you see my site please don’t hold back with your constructive criticism – I’m always open to learning!

The big question is – do we need this site bilingual like the old one ? –  or does everybody from Switzerland, Austria and Germany know enough English?

Please let my know your thoughts!

2 Replies to “Not easy for a old guy!”

  1. It took me two Years! Now the new website is slowly going online!
    Christa is a big Help! For me it is like starting all over again.
    The last two years was challenging with Fires and Smoke! This year it looks better: we only had sinflood like rain foe the last couple of weeks – But know it is finally Summer! If you are in the area and have no reservations – for nice people we make room!

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