Not easy for a old guy!

Everything takes a long time to figure out! Little by little it is slowly looking like some kind of website. My attention span is not like the old days ( on my first website I sometimes almost worked around the clock ) and after an hour or so I need a creative break – coffee always helps!

If you see my site please don’t hold back with your constructive criticism – I’m always open to learning!

The big question is – do we need this site bilingual like the old one ? –  or does everybody from Switzerland, Austria and Germany know enough English?

Please let my know your thoughts!

Hello world!

Welcome to the new Pages of Canim Lake Resort!

After everyone (mostly my kids) complained about our old website I finally caved in and tried my luck with this new one. I’m an amateur and I be open to critique. If you feel like you can do it better – I’m always open to trades!